Yale County Jug Band

Where you (and your band) are from (list members and hometowns):

Kelly Bartsch, Justin Bently, Keith Elliot, Marie Jackson, Gerry Sherk – all from Kamloops


How/when was your band created?

January 2017


Where did your name come from?

We all live in Yale County


How long have you been performing?

18 months as a band


What is your main genre(s)?

Alt Country


Do you play covers, originals or combination?



Who influenced you as a musician or as a band?

Margeret Trudeau


Favorite song to sing?

Pretty Boots


Favorite place to play?

Whatshan Jam


Craziest or most memorable thing that ever happened on the road or at a gig?

Keith once played without a shirt (or underwear)


Instrument you wish you knew how to play?

Lap steel


Advice to new musicians?



Is there anyone you would like to acknowledge that contributed to your and/or your band’s success?



Do you have a website, blog or social media page? Or links to good quality video?

Facebook, songs on itunes, Spotify etc.


Anything else that would be of interest to people?

We all like dogs!