VISION – Full Interview

Where you (and your band) are from (list members and hometowns):

Troy Reid – Port Moody, B.C. (formerly of Castlegar) played in VISION from 1981- present

Phil Koochin –  Castlegar played in VISION from 1981-present

Kevan Ehman –  Castlegar played in VISION from 1983-present

Larry Relkoff – Castlegar played in VISION from 1983-present


How was your band created?

VISION was essentially the brain-child of Phil Koochin and Jon Varabioff. The two set out to hand-pick players from the area for those whom they felt would make VISION the best classic rock/80’s band in the area. Vocals were essential to the gig.


Where did your name come from?

Phil Koochin, Troy Reid, Jon Varabioff (former guitarist) and Ray Yule (former keyboardist) wanted a name that would be generic but still relevant. They quite literally had a ‘vision’ of what they wanted as a performing band so that theme carried over into the name that was suggested by Jack Hamelin who served as the bands manager and sound tech.  Jon designed the band’s logo incidentally, which is still in use today.


How long have you been performing?

VISION was very popular in the Kootenay/Boundary area from 1980 – 1986. After disbanding in mid-1986, the group reunited some twenty-four years later in Castlegar for a local fundraiser. It was there that they set an unbeaten attendance record in The Element, playing a completely sold out show to over 650 fans! VISION has played a few private events since their reunion, but 2016 saw them gather tremendous crowd support for their performance at Cannafest 2016 in Grand Forks, BC. In 2017, Whatshan Jam invited VISION to perform, and the group was thrilled by the great response, sincere support and especially the “home-town” feel of the Whatshan Lake Retreat. VISION is very excited to be invited back, playing once again at Whatshan Jam 2018!


What is your main genre(s)?

Classic/Progressive Rock, 80’s Pop, Top 40


Do you play covers, originals or combination?

VISION plays an 80/20 split between Covers/Originals.


Who influenced you as a musician or as a band?

Genesis, Saga, YES


Favorite song to sing?

Twilight Zone, China Girl, Turn Up The Radio, Melt With You


Favorite place to play?

Whatshan Jam!


Craziest or most memorable thing that ever happened on the road or at a gig?

Tear-Down Olympics! Our apologies to Brian McCreight  for running right over him when he crashed! Ask him for details….

The time we played a club in Kimberley except instead of them giving us hotel rooms they had beds in the basement of the club…and there was a creepy prop coffin down there and we grabbed one of our bandmates and stuffed him in it and didn’t let him out for a while…needless to say he did NOT like the experience….


Instrument you wish you knew how to play?



Advice to new musicians?

Play like EVERYONE is listening!


Is there anyone you would like to acknowledge that contributed to your and/or your band’s success?

The Castlegar Fans – you all ROCK!


Do you have a website, blog or social media page? Or links to good quality video?


Anything else that would be of interest to people?

We had about 150 black VISION promo t-shirts stolen from the van in 1985… anyone seen them???