Ted McDonald Band

The Ted McDonald Band

The Ted McDonald Band is an entertaining all original blues rock project. Top notch seasoned professional artists delivering creatively written catchy tunes with powerhouse vocals and dynamic harmonies. Each artist brings their own unique style, personality and craftsmanship to form the latest version of the Ted McDonald Band.

A great show from great people. With a passion to share our love of music, play live and give an audience a piece of our heart & soul, we gain new fans with every performance.

Band Members

Ted McDonaldguitars/vocals

Ted’s unique humble personality is in many ways his greatest gift. Of course his incredible guitar playing skills and amazing song writing abilities are what most are familiar with and admire. The fact that he is such a great guy is the bands appreciated secret…

Doug Friesenvocals/guitar

Doug has a powerful vocal style that delivers TMB songs with impact. His energy is infectious as he approaches every lyric with passion. He claims to be living on purpose while on stage but only he understands all that crazy voodoo stuff…

Jade Rhodesvocals/guitar

Jade provides a diverse energy to this group that keeps all the boys in line. Her incredible velvet smooth voice is like a smile to the ears and adds an element of diversity to this group that is like a diamond in the rough, sort of speak..

Mark Langebass guitar

Mark is like the glue in this project. Early to rehearsals to tweak all the gear and up late to mix the session. He has an awesome ear for things and delivers the bottom end with authority and style.

Larry Bloomkeys

The seasoned veteran that Larry is allows this group to deliver an authentic respect to the blues. His sound, his personality and his professionalism are drenched with integrity.

David Popoffpercussion

David is the newest member of TMB and has already had significant positive impact on the musicality of the group and the friendships among its members. His rock solid timing creates freedom so members can be expressive with confidence. Solid as a rock and a great guy!