Motes and Oats

Where you (and your band) are from (list members and hometowns):

Melissa – London, ON

Shannon – Regine, SK


How was your band created?

Spontaneous bursts of creativity while getting to know each other in 2010 and the years following.


Where did your name come from?

They were our nicknames before we met.


How long have you been performing?

Together for 6 years, individually all our lives.


What is your main genre(s)?



Do you play covers, originals or combination?


Who influenced you as a musician or as a band?

So many influences: Ani Difranco, Tragically Hip, Tori Amos, Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan, etc.


Instrument you wish you knew how to play?



Advice to new musicians?

Time is your greatest asset. If you hit a wrong note, play it again and call it jazz.


Is there anyone you would like to acknowledge that contributed to your and/or your band’s success?

All of our family and friends, for listening and encouraging along the way.


Do you have a website, blog or social media page? Or links to good quality video?