Are there public washrooms on site?

A:  Oh ya there are! There is a building centrally located near the concession that has a men’s and women’s washroom as well as coin operated showers ($2 for 3 minutes). The building is wheelchair accessible.


Can we bring our dog? Or other pets?

For sure! The site is pet friendly but we strongly encourage you keep them on a leash at all times and off of the main festival grounds (dog fights around people and food vendors usually don’t end well).  We also strongly encourage you to pick up after they have done their business. After all, we are all there to enjoy the music and activities, not smell poop all day long. You are responsible for your own pooper scoopers (sanitary bags).


Will there be food on site?

Darn rights! Vendors will have a variety of meals available for breakfast, lunch and supper, including vegetarian and vegan selections. Check out “Vendors” for more info.


Is there ice available?

Absolutely! Ice at $4 per bag is available on a first come first serve basis. See the information booth.


Is there a beer gardens or alcohol for sale?

Try to visualize a collective sigh….as we tell you the answer to this is no. We take pride in this being a family and friends festival that is kid friendly and free from the raucousness and unruliness you might experience at other concerts or music festivals where alcohol is in abundance. You are more than welcome to have your own “spirits” within your campsite and we strongly encourage you to invite anyone with a red volunteer shirt to come for an “inspection” after their shift is over!


Is there first aid available? Or an AED?

A first aid attendant is available throughout the event and there are two (2) defibrillators on site.


Where can I buy tickets, reserve campsites or find out more about the bands or things to do?

Well now you see, you just happen to be in the right spot! Just have a look at the menu options up top of this page and go at it!

Buy Tickets Here!

Buy Camping Here!


Can I volunteer at the event? 

Abso-freakin-lutely! We are always looking for help in a variety of areas. Just visit the “Contact” page and let us know what you would like to help with. This could include kid’s activities/games, silent auction, garbage disposal, watering the grounds, security, first aid and much more…We might be full for this year but the list for future years is always open.


How do I become a vendor at the event?

Simple! You see the menu above…..just click on “Vendors” and you can send in an application right then and there.