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We had a chance to hear from Larry Relkoff and Troy Reid from VISION to learn a little more about them, some experiences and influences. VISION was essentially the brain-child of Phil Koochin and Troy Reid. The two set out to hand-pick players from the area for those whom they felt would make VISION the best classic rock/80’s band in the area. Vocals were essential to the gig. The core members are:

Troy Reid – Port Moody, B.C. (formerly of Castlegar) played in VISION from 1981- present

Phil Koochin –  from Castlegar, played in VISION from 1981-present

Kevan Ehman – from Castlegar, played in VISION from 1983-present

Larry Relkoff – from Castlegar, played in VISION from 1983-present

VISION plays a mix of Classic/Progressive Rock, 80’s Pop, Top 40 and usually includes a mix of 80% covers with 20% originals. One of their most memorable experiences at a gig or on the road includes a date in Kimberley where instead of hotel rooms, they were given beds in the basement of the club that included a prop coffin and…well you guessed it, one of them ended up in it. Read the full interview here.


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